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Elsy Consult Ltd.
Geosynmat-vb Ltd.
Lavatrade Ltd.
Tynsa Ltd.

Eurotransproject Ltd.
Web site: www.eurotransproject.com

The company Eurotransproject Ltd. was established in 2006 and currently is managed and controlled by the partners Valentin Mihaylovski, Toma Yotsov and Ivan Zdravchev. The company`s VAT number is BG 175 153 305, head office address is: Sofia, 7, Momin Kladenets street.

The main activity of the company includes design of:
  • Railway infrastructure, city railways, metropolitans, tram lines, road and railway structures, tunnels, roads, streets, buildings, hydro technical and hydro meliorative structures, water supply and sewerage, geodesy and cadastre, geological engineering and hydro geological studies.
  • Consultant provides qualified services in the field of construction, interoperability estimation of investment projects construction supervision, software elaboration and selling, etc.
In reference with the company's development strategy, the extension of its activities at international level and increasing the competitive power, an Integrated quality system ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 was successfully adopted in 2008.

During 2006 – 2007 Eurotransproject Ltd successfully accomplished two railway project of great importance to Bulgaria:
  • "Increasing the permeability capacity of the line by updating the parameters of the railway and increasing the project speed of railway line Sofia – Karlovo – Zimnitsa, section Sofia - Karlovo", in cooperation with the German company EPG mbH.
  • "Prior Investment study of project "doubling and electrification of railway Karnobat - Sindel", in cooperation with HTG Ingenieurburo fur Bauwesen Gmbh - Germany.
To the completion of these projects “Eurotransproject” Ltd has committed a team of over 120 experts with a high degree of qualification, proven in their ability to successfully tackle complex railway projects.

During its two and a half years’ existence, “Eurotransproject” Ltd has successfully accomplished and submitted to the contractor a number of other relevant projects such as:
  • Preparation of a detailed project design for the implementation of “reconstruction of the switching area of Thompson Station on side of Svoge town”;
  • Preparation of preliminary design of “Railway depositing area in the region of Winery Peshtera, Katunitsa Station”;
  • Pre-offered project “Railway line Parvomai - Svilengrad”;
  • Preliminary studies of projects “Industrial railway branch of productive base of “Liebherr” – city of Plovdiv and “Building of automobile connection between Maria Luiza blvd and 202nd street, western from the building station of the Central Railway Station - Sofia;
  • “Renewal and electrification of railway line Voluyak – Dragoman- Dimitrovgrad South”, sub-part “ Substation Aldomirovtsi”;
  • Technical project for the railway depositing area of Sprit Industry – Plovdiv in the region of station Katunitsa;
  • Detailed geodesy photogrammetary of the technical condition of the railway infrastructure in the region of Central Station – Sofia;
  • „Implementation of precise leveling of first class: leveling line № 14 VNR № 4 up to VNR № 1 ( Ruse- Kalipetrovo – 143km), leveling range VI", etc.
At the present time "Eurotransproject" Ltd is involved in the implementation of the following projects:
  • Main reconstruction of Tunnel № 3 on the main railway line – study and engineering;
  • "Technical assistance for the modernization of Vidin- Sofia railway line";
  • “Technical assistance for the rehabilitation of the project parameters of railway line Ruse - Varna”;
  • „Elaboration of preliminary design of station Kichevo – on the border with Republic of Albania, part of Corridor 8, Macedonia, etc."

Geotechnoengineering Ltd.
Web site: www.gte-bg.com

Geotechnoengineering Ltd. was set up on 1992. The manager is dr.dipl.eng. Ivan Zdravchev - head of Geodesy department of UACG-Sofia and he have over 60 scientific publications and comprehensive professional experience, managing more than 100 projects in different lines of the geodetic surveying and design works in our country and abroad.

During its professional development Geotechnoengineering has established strong reputation, working with quality, accuracy and efficiently.

Geotechnoengineering Ltd. offers:
  • GPS survey
  • Road and railway designing
  • Hydraulic designing of projects and equipments
  • Geodetic and topographic survey
  • Hydrographic and underwater survey of rivers, lakes, coastal waters and dam lakes
  • Design works in civil engineering, water engineering
  • Design works of roads, railway, tunnels, bridges and pipelines
  • Cadastral and topographic plans and maps
  • Urban plans and maps
  • Special objects

Independent Consultancy Formation
The Institute commenced its activities in March 1993 as an Independent Consultancy Formation and at the end of 1993 it was transformed in Institute of Transport and Communications ITC. This is the first private institute in Bulgaria (with no state participation) in this field.

Directors of ITC are Mr. Vladimir Chakarov and Mr. Christo Chakarov.

Since its establishment, the leading principle in the work of the Institute of Transport and Communications is to follow and implement the Common EU transport policy of sustainable development. The main priorities of Institute’s activities are focused on:
  • Studies on infrastructure and traffic conditions along the Pan-European and regional transport corridors
  • Feasibility studies on transport infrastructure development, traffic and transport demand forecasts and Cost Benefit Analyses
  • Development of analyses and projects for concessionning of transport infrastructure and services
  • Strategic planning and investment strategies for execution of large-scale transport infrastructure projects; Evaluation of strategies; Sensitivity and risk analyses; Financial control systems
  • Master plans for development of transport companies and projects for modern organisation and management structures
  • Harmonisation of the Bulgarian transport legislation with the EC principles; Elaboration of draft-laws, by-laws and regulatory documents related to the transport sector
  • Organisation of training, workshops, round tables, thematic discussions etc.

Rubicon Engineering Ltd.
Web site: www.rubiconbg.com

The company RUBICON ENGINEERING Ltd, town of Varna, was established in 1999, with the purpose of Independent Supervision in the field of design and construction. The company’s manager is Eng. Sevdalin Valnarov. In April 2000, the company received a license SK-374.

The company staff has rich experience in engineering, construction, investment control, and construction supervision. In order to provide services corresponding to the high quality requirements, since its very incorporation the company has established quality criteria of the processes and work optimization.

A substantial part of the achieved financial profits is reinvested back to the company.
The company provides a complete product:
  • Construction supervision
  • Control of the observance of construction graphic
  • Documentation preparation for interim payments (investor's control), etc.

TRAPS - Toma Yotsov ET
Web site: www.traps.bg

TRAPS - Toma Yotsov was incorporated on March, 1998. Its president is Toma Lyubenov Yotsov, who is a construction designer with 30 years of experience in the field of engineering of railways, railway stations, locomotive depot, wagon’s disinfection plants, railway junctions, container terminals, traffic roads, etc.

The main subjects of "Traps" are design, consulting, and engineering in the field of railway construction. The company’s purpose is to impose active presence on the market by applying new technologies in the design, in conformity with the European quality criteria and terms of execution. Now that is already a fact due to the flexible company structure and high professional skills of the specialists working within. "Traps" is certified by ISO 9001:2000 for quality management.

In the process of its activity and development, the company successfully undertakes and realizes other assignments in the area of:
  • Traffic roads design
  • Engineering - geological surveys and research
  • Constructive design
  • Water and sewerage design
  • Urban development solutions
  • Geodesic activities and surveys
  • Vertical Planning, etc.

Typsa Group
Web site: www.typsa.es

TYPSA Engineers, Consultants and Architects is a consulting engineering firm based in Spain with over 40 years of experience successfully executing major infrastructure projects in Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East to improve and sustain enhanced living conditions around the world.

The TYPSA Group has established an integrated workforce with multi-disciplinary teams of experienced dedicated professionals around the globe specialized in the following areas: transportation, architecture, building and urban planning, water managing and hydraulic engineering, renewable energy and environment.

With 164 Million Euros of combined revenues in 2008 and approximately 2000 professionals on staff following the acquisition of a Brazilian firm in 2009, TYPSA is internationally recognized with top industry rankings and awards, placing 51st out of the Top 500 European consulting firms and 85th out of the Top 200 Global Design Firms in 2007, according to Engineering News-Record.

TYPSA’s international focus is reinforced by its membership in sector associations, having a Board Member in the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), a Vice-President in the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA), and being an active member of the Panamerican Federation of Consulting Companies (FEPAC), and of European Engineers, an Economic Interest Group for European Consulting Engineers.

In order to provide creative, effective and viable solutions to its clients on a worldwide scale TYPSA, an employee-owned firm, has grown to a group structure with increased international presence through the creation of branch offices and the acquisition of firms with a solid experience in the markets it serves. TYPSA has permanent presence in the following countries: Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Peru, Panama, Paraguay, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Uganda, United Arab Emirates and United States of America.

As a key element of its strategy with regards to the Bulgarian market, TYPSA set up in 2002 a fully incorporated subsidiary by the name of TYPSA Ltd., with an active office in Sofia. Currently, TYPSA Ltd. has a staff of 17 people, 1 head office in Sofia and 4 project offices in Plovdiv, Dimitrovgrad, Krumovo and Generalovo.

From its establishment TYPSA Ltd participates in all projects that the mother company TYPSA implements in Bulgaria providing it with highly qualified experience in dealing with local administrative institutions, clients and authorities, knowledge of the national legislation and the relevant procedures, and with top engineering, financial and administrative expertise.

Transgeo Ltd.
Web site: www.transgeo-bg.com

The company TRANSGEO Ltd was incorporated in 1992 to meet increased requirements for modern railways. The main subjects of the company are:
  • Design and consultancy the field of railway infrastructure
  • Services in the field of geodesy and cadastre
  • Construction supervision and conformity assessment of the investment projects.
The company has introduced in Bulgaria new contemporary methods for benchmarking of railways and adjacent installations. Since the company's incorporation, its manager has been Eng. Ilia Iliev. The company is also holder of several licenses, evidence of professionalism, and the responsible work of the whole team.

At the moment, TRANSGEO Ltd is one of the biggest companies in the branch with more than 400 kilometres of design works and supervision of railways and adjacent installations with more than 3000 hectares of geodesic photos, specialized cadastre plans, digital models, regulation plans, vertical planning, lower construction, etc.

Transsystem Ltd.
Web site: www.transsystem-bg.com

The company was incorporated on June 1999. The team members are highly qualified specialist with long-lasting joint activity and much experience in the railway design. TRANSSYSTEM Ltd has a modern computer, geodesic equipment, and software. The company is specialized in the preparation of investment projects in the field of transport infrastructure. The main subjects of the company are surveys and design of railways and road sites in all parts and phases, complete geodesic services, development of technological plans for railway sites and technical-economical analysis.

TRANSSYSTEM Ltd has a permit (license) for design, benchmarking of railways and railway stations, issued by the National Railway Infrastructure Company and a certificate of capacity for the creation of cadastre layouts and registers, issued by the Cadastre Agency. The company manager is Eng. Valentin Mihaylovsky.

VVD Consult Ltd.
Web site: www.vvdconsult.com

“VVD Consult” Ltd. was established in 2003. Partners and managers of the firm are Vladimir Dinkov, Venelin Lyubenov and Dimitrij Petkov. They are former design team leaders and checking engineers in “Structures” department of “Transproekt” Ltd. – Sofia, employees with many years of experience in the design of transport structures.

“VVD Consult” Ltd. is a specialized consulting firm operating in the field of transport structures: railway and road bridges, railway and road over and underpasses, pedestrian underpasses and footbridges, retaining walls, livestock underpasses and culverts. It is qualified in investigation, design, technical control and supervision of such structures. The firm has modern office facilities and equipment and works with licensed software. Its clients always receive reliable expert consulting and high quality design.

The firm offers the following services:
  • Investigation and design of new road and rail structures
  • Preparation of designs for rehabilitation and repairs of existing road and rail structures
  • Preparation of designs for strengthening of poor and slide sites on the road and rail infrastructure
  • Preparation of tender dossiers
  • Consulting services


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